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for a new police chief in san jose, city leaders with holding the first in a series of meetings seeking input from the public as it considers a replacement for police chief chris moore, who's leaving the post in mid-january. the meeting started just a few minutes ago, former police chief says that hiring a new chief in the current political and economic climate won't be an easy task. >> san jose is the least- staffed police department in the country. you've got a demoralized police force and the immediate future looks pretty bad fiscallily. >> today, the san jose police officers association said that official candidates have not been named but two names that keep surfacing, are fresno chief jerry dire, and jeff brazil. the next meeting it is scheduled for wednesday night. we do have a crew inside tonight's meeting. he'll with have more for you on 10:00 news. >>> other police.agencies need reinforcements, option that may have you reaching for your resume. >>> a san francisco deputy accused of robbed a bank appeared before court today. david explains why he remains free until his case is
officials to discuss the decision-making process. in san jose robert honda, ktvu channel two news. >> crews in daly city where thousands of gallons of mud and water flooded the streets. officials say that 97,000 gallons of water was released when a water main broke on contusion. that's twice the amount first sought. tonight -- to keep more water out of that neighborhood. the city will be monitoring the area throughout the weekend. >> we'll have crews assigned to make sure that this structure that we constructed is functioning the way that it was designed to. >> city workers also laid out erosion netting and hey baes stabilized the hillside. keep kept mud from the streets. >>> a woman is arrested in san francisco on suspicion of a dui following a pursuit. she was driving on the fourth street onramp at about 2:00 a.m. the problem was that the ramp was closed for construction. as officers chased her. she struck a parked car at 15th and matoma, and another car was hit at 17th and mission where the woman was taken into custody. the chp identified here as 27- year-old barbara abaras with previous
's guilty verdict was read. vijayendran was the principal at san jose's elementary school. she testified she blooefd teacher craig chandler when he said he blindfolded a young student and touched her as part of a lesson on helen keller. members of the jury said today vijayendran didn't do what she should have. >> when you have the responsibility of huns of children in your care, you can't afford to drop the ball at an important moment like that. it was just -- it was -- she got horrible advice from hr, and she didn't do what she knew she should do. >> along with two years' probation, vijayendran was also sentenced to pay $600 in fines and restitution and serve 100 hour of community service. >>> a 67-year-old man from san ramon died this afternoon in a fiery car crash near brentwood. it happened about 1. 45 this afternoon on vasco road. the highway patrol says the subaru drifted across the lanes, overcorrect and had hit a mercedes head on. the driver of the mer say dees was killed while the subaru driver suffered minor injuries. a third car was hit but no one in that vehicle was hurt. northbo
been gang-related. >>> a san jose policeman hunt. officers are looking for a homicide suspect and they have produce add sketch they hope a viewer will recognize. >> reporter: steven mostly misses his friend he met seven years ago. police say 22-year-old rory was killed by two men who carjacked him at this convenience store. ironically, his friend said he bought the car that day. >> it's just really sad to see somebody like that go. >> reporter: the men just commented four armed robberies in a 90-minute crime spree including this gas station and needed a get away car. one suspect, 26-year-old jonathan will banks was caught after a police chase and stand off. they shot video of the arrest that night. the other unidentified suspect is on the run. >> i really hope they find that guy and put him away forever. it's not fair at all. >> reporter: today assistant police chief released a sketch of the run away suspect who jumped out of the car during the police chase. he's described as a 20 to 25-year-old male around 6 feet tall and 200 pounds. the police officer's association and
to return to court next month. san jose police are also looking for a hit and run driver in the allen rock neighborhood today. this happened right near jackson and allen rock heavy. police station say the man may not have been in the crosswalk he was hit after 6:00 a.m. by two vehicles. the according to investigators, the first driver drove away. traffic was tied up in that area and vta had to reroute some buses. the victim's name is being withheld until the next of kin is notified. >> for an already heart broken mother, authorities in -- found fell down a cliff in a water- filled quarry while searching for this cat. police searched for 59-year-old andrew malyon for hours. fire officials say that they have not found a hole in the fence, and neighbors suspect that he climbed over. he was searching for this cat in the rain and likely slipped and fell into the water 2378. >>> a san francisco sheriff deputy faces misdemeanor charges following a confrontation. 36-year-old deputy mansoya green was arrested on six charges, including making criminal threats and possession of a deadly weapon. green
, fairfield and san jose stores are also planning a work stoppage tomorrow, walmart employees are not unionized and now a company's spokeswoman says the giant retailer offers benefits. >>> fire officials are looking for the cause of a fire that started at the hong kong hair and beauty center. based on the similar fire at this same location. investigators are calling this one armed blaze suspicious, there were no reports of any injuries. >>> there's new information tonight about a brazen shoot- out that started last night on edwards avenue. the bullet-ridden vehicles were abandoned right on the vehicle after being shot. >> we had some very good witnesses -- so we called them and following up on that aspect to try to determine what they saw and try to put this together. >> police say no one showed up at hospital emergency rooms with wounds related to this incident. they did detain a 16-year-old boy, however. >>> authorities say the body of 33-year-old jose estrada, a cook, and may have been on his way home in alameda. it turns out, it was muni metro equipment and can and knot t
throughout the bay area. amazing in san jose. emeryville, walnut creek. a as you can see it has been a fun, fun event for all. if you still want to donate a coat you have until the end of the month. just bring in any gently used or new coat. bring it down to where you see a 1 warm coat barrel. all for a good cause. reporting live. back to you. >>> instagram broke records after people shared photos on the site. people shared more than 10 million thanksgiving-themed photos yesterday. according to a company blog, more than 200 thanksgiving photos were posted every second for several hours yesterday. >>> still to come, r&b super star who made time for the homeless. kicking off in the south bay. something is missing. why organizers are saying it this year's christmas in the park is incomplete. >>> a warm weekend ahead. meteorologist mark tamayo will join us with how high the temperatures will get hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test driv
entertainmen. the that's the latest from here. >>> in the south bay officials in san jose hope to make this halloween more treat than trick. they note that children are more likely to take fall on halloween than any other night of year due to darkness and tripping on costumes. today emergency medical workers handed out safety tips and neon bracelets. san francisco police are investigating a shooting in the tenderloin deliberate acceptability two people the hospital. this happened just before 3 almost 3 this afternoon. cell phone video from the witness shows the scene not far from civic center plaza. police say they have no reason to believe the shooting is related to the celebration of the giants. but the crowds in the area witnesses say it was chi yachtic. >> i was thought it was fire works but then i saw people scattering running and you kept hearing it in rapid succession. so you knew right away it was gunshots. >> police say one of the men shot was treated and released. the other has life threatening injuries. they believe the shooting of gang related. no arrests yet. >>> the city
in san jose. the workers' union is protesting cuts to health benefits as well as the company's plan to eliminate premium pay for sundays. >> i started when i was 18. i believe in this company and i still believe in it and that's why i'm here standing for my rights. >> rali says that a union officer was arrested for crossing a line. the company i should a statement that the union leaders have denied employees the right to vote on their contract offer and that the store must reduce operating costs authorized to stay competitive. >>> the man accused for -- one day after california voters upheld capital punishment. a jury today found 49-year-old 19 thanburg guilty for two counts of murder for gunning down her girlfriend. and killing multiple victims which qualified him for execution. >>> there's a new development tonight in the case of the cal swim coach who sued the marod school district. christian klenen says that -- in the 1990's. the district recently packed turn out when its lawyers in turn, accused him as being negligent and careless. well, today the district withdrew that claim p
home page. one car ended up on top of another in a four car crash. this crash happened in san jose. it's not clear if the crash was weather related but the road was wet at the time. this crash took place just before 3:30 this afternoon. one person did sustain minor injuries. >>> we're following development, following news of a rape of a 13-year-old girl. the rape happened at castro park in mountain view sometime around 5:30 last night. that's when police responded to a report of a sexual assault. they say the victim had been drinking alcohol there with an adult man and two teenage boys. police arrested mario pinto and two 17-year-olds on suspicion of rape. >>> a woman says she woke to find an intruder inside her bedroom. palo alto police say they may step up patrol and add staffing following a home invasion last night. >> it's surprising, it's really surprising. and kind of scary. >> it's more like a weird shock, like what's happening here. >> reporter: it happened at this apartment complex off of hawthorn avenue. the victim a stanford graduate was asleep when the man broke in. investi
happening right now. >> starts at $57,000 but for many people browsing at in san jose, the main concern is how far the electric car can travel. >> it's a big, big change, though, to having a -- a -- a dedicated range you can't go beyond. >> now expect today ramp up production here at his plant, which will help because the customer wait for a new order is already nine months long. from fremont, robert honda ktvu channel 2 news. >>> after hours of waiting and braving very cold weather, huns of videogame lofrs finally have their copy of call of duty block ops 2. >> three, two, one, yeah. >> about 400 people were lined up in front of the game stop on market street in san francisco overnight where the videogame's midnight release. some were in line for nearly 12 hours. the game is set in the year 2025. it centers around a 21st century cold war. >>> the man who guided the oakland a's through their improbable post-season run received one of baseball's top honors today. bob melvin was selected the american league manager of the yeefrment the a's won the western division on the last day of the s
at lower 70s at 71. san jose, beautiful, lower 70s, 73 degrees, san francisco, inches closer to the 70 degree mark. going 69 by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. here is a look ahead to your five-day forecast. your week weekend in view. more warming for monday and tuesday. >>> ed lee set aside time today to have fun on market street. [music] >> he joined public works on market and powell today for a lively game of peupg pong. part of the better market street -- ping-pong. part of the better market street. it stretches to the embarcadero. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. tonight, a surprise at gas pump and we are live at san francisco at the parade underway right now. we are always here for you at n tv36
of injuries. >>> an expressway bus connecting -- connecting san francisco, san jose and reno is now back by popular demand. mega is now expanding its service to san francisco which it previously served in 2007 and 2008. now fares start at 1 dollar if you book early, the price then goes up as your travel date gets closer. >> so it should be a very easy trip. there's wifi, you can do work, which is far better than being stuck behind the wheel getting aggravated by the traffic. >> mega bus says that the expansion creates 80 new jobs. >>> it is official, collin caver nic is -- subpoenaed. >> collin, we believe that the hot hand and will go we'll go with collin. >> it's a great chance to lead this team and show that we're a great team and we can go into the playoffs and win games. >> coach jim harbaugh's -- so does. deserve deserve a spot in baseball's hall of fame. that's the members of the baseball. conundrum as they make the decision in the coming weeks. the former giant is on the ballot for the first time along with roger clemens and same sosa. they are all accuse much of using
imagery, san jose. temperatures in the -- afternoon, pacifica we're in the upper sixties out toward antioch and fairfield. we do have partly cloudy skies. it is cool out. there, tomorrow, a sun/cloud mix. we do warm things up over the weekend, in fact by sunday, warmest locations inland approaching the 80-degree mark, 80 degrees, first thing tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies, watch out for some dense fog reforming intentionally in the inland valleys but i have noticed the past few hours, some fog regrouping over the coastside, and down over by the bay bridge as well. once again this will be a concern first thing tomorrow morning, some fog, visibility's down to about a quarter of a mile, especially the inland valleys, pointing out to santa row is a. and look what happens in the -- a weak system moves in, but it will generate a few extra high clouds as we do head in the afternoon hours. look at the cloud cover moving into the region, friday afternoon, we'll have partly cloudy skies, maybe a few mostly cloudy observations, but no raindrops, it will be a dry day for friday and right
be tonight but the big hit was this afternoon. more scattered showers in the bay area forecasts. the san jose, what we can expect as we go into the next 12 hours and overnight. it will be very chilling and very cold, so overnight lows, 40 in napa, 46 in vallejo. it's cool for having a rainy day like we did with clouds. the next couple of mornings that will be freezing. we will see boston some areas in freezing temperatures especially in the north. and in the mountains that winter weather advisory stays in the back. we have pictures of some significant snow and it's continuing to spell. so if you have travel plans, take that change. >>> and and the logos off and the cool air remained behind and we have a frosty morning with prison temperatures and dry forecast. the weekend will be marked by very cool and cold overnight lows but sunny conditions during the day. and, and it dies out as we go through the afternoon. and there are showers in the area, around 6: 6:00 under the waves went through. keep the jacket handy tomorrow because this will be one of those days. you will see more sometime tomor
are investigated. >>> we have new information concerning a suspect in a homicide violation in san jose. someone called 911 after 5:30 this morning. that call hung up before an operator could answer. patrol officers were busy with car crashes, just after seven clock they arrived at home it -- seven clock they arrived at home. it was another hour until they want in as they waited for animal control to move the dog. >> i pushed the dog open, a female in need of medical attention. >> the dead woman's name has not been released but tonight the police release this photo of the suspect, 50-year-old troy nesendo who lived at that home with his wife. he believed to be driving a gray pick up truck. the homicide rate is now at a 15 year high. >>> new at accept clock, with popularity riding -- new at 7:00, with popularity riding high with a new movie, surfers are kicking off the surf contest. >> reporter: it is days away. maverick season is open. the ocean was calm on this perfect day to start the surf contest season. big wave surfers came from all over the world to celebrate the 5 month window open. it w
of delays that plagued passengers all day. impacting san jose and oakland airport. >> because of the bad weather we had to fly over oakland to come in to land and that causes problems with delays lays. travel osty sent tweet updates. >> we have about 43 million travelers this week and it's quite an increase over last year. >> some tried to leave early but were ready for slower traffic. >> make sure windshield wipers are good and what else can you do? it's nothing compared to the rest of the country. >> usually some traffic jams and people hitting their breaks a lot. >> it slows things down, but you know it's god's liquid sun sibb. so we enjoy it. we just have to work around it. >> back here at sfo the faa is restricting arrival to just 25 flights per hour instead of the 60 flights per how. so if you do come to the airport make sure you come ahead. >>> well the splash showers have hit most of us for the day over the north bay. over the last hour we have seen the system finally begin to shift over the central bay. we will show you again we've got steady rain continuing over the north bay a
. it was parked here at this apartment come flex east san jose last night and this morning it was gone. >> i'm very unnerved dropping my child at the school and then watch the news that they hadn't caught anybody. >> the suspect is a latino man wearing a black and white flannel shirt with horizontal stripes. they're not sure if he was injured in the shooting. >>> a preliminary hearing is under ware if a man suspected of gunning down a police officer. henry smith is acause of shooting and killing james kapool lastier. the today a police officer look l testified that smith looked directory at him. he also testified he heard three shot before finding the body. if trained convicted smith could paying the death penalty. >>> friends and family gathering at the university. the concert was held late this afternoon. where on april 17 2-ened sen people shot and killed. today's concert was a part of the dedication ceremony of the new memory garden. people in san francisco are remembering the lay mayor and supervisor have a vigil and march today. the group then walked to the ksa transaction, district an
sawyer in san jose tonight he 28ed admonish my students and friends, vote, thesis props matter, now. this precedency matters, now. you can join the conversation at find us again at twitter on twitter at ktvu and add the harsh tag ktvu2012. >> another comment here. lauren blakley tweeted to us, i am in california now but i live in georgia. and i am registered to vote in florida. she says she still found a way to vote, urging everyone to stay on-line and make their voices heard. back to you. >> how about that. >>> more presidential election results now. this time from out west. heather and ken are back now with the latest numbers. >> we got the first numbers from the west. one of the states, a swing state, the state of colorado with the 9 votes. right now president barack obama has the 52-48% lead against romney. in colorado we are still watching to see the final numbers. newmexico is a state that the president is expected to carry. he also is doing well there right now. 56% to 44% for mitt room tphaoƔe. we have numbers from iowa, one of the swing states, this is s
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